Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thinking Girl Tuesday!

She's back! She's just so darn cute, I'm thinking of using her every Tuesday and do a What ya thinking, tuesday?????

What I'm thinking:

I'm thinking I wish I didnt have to go work, I like being at home.....

I'm also thinking, but if i didnt work, I wouldnt have the choices I have which enable me to help my family and also do some of what I like to do!

I'm thinking, I wish i were driving to Las Vegas, I absolutely LOVE that drive!

I'm thinking, I want to make a new cookie recipe tonight and I hope I have the energy to actually do it--AND if i do, I will post another recipe and a picture.

I'm also thinking, I hope my haircut turned out alright--I get scared trying new hairdressers.

I'm thinking,, I want to see the Bee Movie--but when???????

I'm thinking.....I wish Genie would get off the bed so I could finish making it AND why dosnt she have to work????? remind me again why SHE gets to lay around all day?????

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Ginger said...

Hi Dawn:
Thanks for stopping by my place again. I love reading everyone's comments.
I would trade places with you (sometimes) and go to work. I get bored at home. But when the kids are coming up, I'm glad I have the time at home to get the house ready.
You commented on the book I listed on my profile (For Laci). I just started reading it again yesterday. I can't even imagine losing a child.

Kim~"HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Loved this post!

I've tagged you...visit my blog, "Home Is Where The Heart Is...2" so you can play along.

Have a great day.