Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall is really here

I got up this morning, opened the curtains on the patio door and this is what I saw. Last night when we went to bed, there werent many leaves at all on the deck. It was windy last night and very warm. Thruout the night the temps dropped and the winds were howling. I saw this and to me its now official--Fall has made her entrance. Tonight we put away most of this on the deck,,,and let the colder seasons take over.
YOu can see there are hardly any leaves left on these trees. I didnt realize how bare it got outside. It still seemed summery to me until this morning. We may see temps close to 30 this week....brrrrrr. I am kinda looking forward to the first snowfall..because its really beautiful. Either way, tonight--I'm going to have a nice fire going in the fireplace after work!

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celestina marie said...

Hi Dawnie, so nice to meet you and thank you for your visit and kind comment.
Yes, Fall looks to have arrived on your deck.
We are slowing cooling down, but still enjoying warm days with cooler nights.
Your blog is lovely and I enjoyed my visit. Looking forward to seeing you again.
Have a great day.
la rea rose

Nana Net said...

Oh my winter is fast approaching you already! I hope you at least get to enjoy Fall a little bit more. The pictures look great.
Man, how I miss having a fireplace. But the weather here right now is toasty during the day and cool at night. So I leave my windows open all the time now! ;0)

Well got some things to do to get ready for this upcoming weekend. Hoping to go up to the mountains to see the leaves at their peak! Plus take the train ride with our son, daughter-in-law and grandson! YEAH!!!!!!! Take care my friend.

Blessings, Nana Net

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawnie,

Thank you for visiting my blog today and posting on my post about aging. I WISH I had it all figured out. It's an "ideal" I sure wish I could live up to! It's like knowing what is the right thing to believe and act upon but vanity, thy name is me! ;-)
Come back again sometime!

Nancy said...

Hi Dawnie, I know the leaves are a pain, but I love to see them laying around! Nancy