Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Life Changing Book--A must Read

I'll be honest, while I love to read, these days I mainly read decorating magazines so that I can drift away in dreamland and not use my brain. I have been watching this book for awhile on the shelves and picked it up a couple of times to buy--but finally did purchase it a couple of weeks ago. I dont like reading anything to "heavy" because after my daily job--I'm just not worth much. I began reading this book a couple of days ago and the beginning of it was so so--didnt really catch my attention. Yesterday I continued on and it began to grip me as I saw how the Author was leading us into a "new" relationship with our God. I became so amazed and drawn into it I couldnt put it down. I had the day off of work today and i laid around all day and finished this book.

I took several breaks--to sob...literally sob. I was bawling by myself in my room..but it was a good cry, a soul cleansing cry. I'm so amazed that this author took such a difficult topic we all struggle with and made it so clear! The story begins with a man who's little girl is abducted and murdered. That is gut wrenching to any of us..losing our child in such a horrific manner. This Author was able to take our minds off of that horrendous incident and get us focused on our relationship with our Creator in a way I've never seen done before. It was done with humor, wit, grace and even sadness and anger. He was able to help me distinquish my questions about the Trinity and even God as our Master. I simply could not put this book down. I pray they make a movie from this book because I truly believe it will change many lives. So many of struggle with things such as "Why do bad things happen to good people", Or why Dosnt God prevent some things from happening since he can?, and how does God feel about us...and even better, what could heaven be like? All these things were presented in a way that I felt my questions were answered, my hopes have changed and I'm grasping why Bad things do happen. I'm also feeling like this presentation of eternity is much more believeable and real to me. I truly beleive this is how Heaven could be like..and How God wanted us to live here.

I know many of you have a faith,,,if you havent read this book--RUN to get it. You wont be sorry. I think my heart is different and I do think I will read this book again and again to bring me back to this place, to remind me to NEVER judge again, to never have doubt, and to always remember how God loves each and every one of us--even the worst of the worst--and I now know why. I have to say--I got it!

I cannot stress enough to get will be amazed. I passed it on to my daughter in law tonight and I intend on continuing to pass it around. Thats my tip for the weekend!

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rosemarie said...

i usually dont ever read books,but i would be intersted to read that sounds like a great book,its up my alley..

Anonymous said...

if you say it is a great book.i am going to get it to ya

Maya said...

It is so awesome when you find a book that takes you to the next level. I've read many wonderful books that helped me along the "spiritual" path, and I'm grateful for the people who wrote them.

Anonymous said...

If we're lucky we run across books like that a few times in our lives. I love the cover on the book, too. Thanks for the review and have a great weekend!

Ginger said...

I enjoy reading and go through books pretty fast. I saw that boook at Walmart today, but didn't know what it was about, so I didn't even pick it up.
I'm glad you enjoyed it so much and highly recommend it. Sometimes we just need a good cry.
Hope you have a great weekend too.

squawmama said...

Hi Dawnie... Sounds like a great book... I love to read and will be looking for this one... Thanks for letting us know about it and you have a great day!!!


Shelley said...

Dawnie - I've passed by this book several times trying to decide if I want a good cry or not! I think you've convinced me to pick it up!
Hey - are we going to see photos of your cabin room soon? Have you bought anything new? A daybed? Etc?

Lilly said...

Oh thanks for that tip about the book Dawnie, I am not an avid reader but I do like to read a book every now and then. this sounds like one you couldnt put down easily. I will have to catch up on your blog to see what you have been up to.

HektikLyfe said...

I remember the cover. I believe I may have seen it on the shelf somewhere.

That tragic death, I believe, was overlooked in the book primarily because the sacrifice had been used to its full potential.

Often, when people want to burn an message into the minds of others, they need to weaken it to an emotional state. You will see many authors and movie directors use this tactic.

Benjamin Button for example. Rave reviews. (SPOILER ALERT) Ultimately, flawed, and impossible premise but the writers kept luring you on with sadness and disappointment. The death of an innocent sleeping child? What a sacrifice.