Monday, July 13, 2009

Linen Addiction

I guess I do have another addiction. That would be linen cloths. I think it came from my childhood. There was an elderly couple that we lived next as little kids. The woman always asked us kids for help. She would have me iron her cloths for her and pay me $5.00. At that time, $5.00 was a million, plus I learned how much those linen's meant to her and how she took care of them. I inherited the taste for various linens, but I didnt inherit taking care of them. I do iron them, but I dont watch out for stains or anything else.

I found this sea shell cloth this weekend. If you look closely you can see how they beaded and attached various little sea shells. You can tell it took them alot of work and was very tedious.
This is how the cloth looks, various shells on it. I fell in love with it. I surely will try to take care of this one. I know enough to not wash it in the machine and since I love the shells so much I will try to make sure nothing to bad happens to it.

Its the dog days of summer here in Wisconsin. It felt summery to put this out. I hope your summers are coming along well and your all enjoying being outdoors.

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Maya@A Beach Lovers Place said...

I love it and I would want it as a window treatment. That way it couldn't get stained (or anything).

Nancy said...

OH Dawnie, I can see why you love it!!! I would have grabed that up too! Love it!!!!! It is so Summery looking...Oh I love it! Nancy

squawmama said...

Wow Dawnie that is such a beautiful piece of linen... Lucky you for finding such a nice one. So tropical and summery. Love it!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the shells and you're looks summery.

Cindy said...

Hey Dawnie,
I love the seashell runner! It would look great with my wreath! hehe. We are sure having some beautiful summer weather! Cindy

rosemarie said...

there very nice,i look for stuff like that when i go to rummage sales,i have found a couple from last year..

Ginger said...

I like linens too. I am always buying sheets when I find them on sale. I still iron my pillow slips because there is something about a pillow slip that is all smooth that I like. I use spray starch too.
I like your summer fabric.