Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sorry, but I cant keep quiet

In the last 2 days I've read about parents severely abusing and neglecting their children. This latest article just put me over the top. Forgive me, I know blogging for many of us needs to be upbeat, something to keep our minds off our own daily trials and those in our world. BUT....for the life of me, I just cant keep quiet on this topic. I'm beyond our country, legal system, always making excuses for people and trying to justify that there was a good reason, this severe neglect, abuse went on. It has to stop. Its destroying our country, killing our weak and young, and creating more and more monsters that eventually will get out of the system and once again prey on our vulnerable. Its in a Mothers instinct to protect and nurture her young. In my mind if your smart enough to go to work, figure out how to hide from the legal system, AND even worse in this case,,this woman actually was away from this piece of crap hours each day as she went to work!!!! ARE you telling me she could not have gone for help???? She surely could have. And yet she chose NOT to--AND she chose to have another if the 3 who were getting slowly murdered werent enough! She is only being charged with injury to a about doing it right and charging with attempted murder on 3 counts--Do it right! I'm beyond tired of our system making excuses for these Mothers, they were controlled, they were abused....STOP! Many of these women have plenty of opportunity to get help and choose not to. Now if you want to spend your life getting the pulp beat out of you day after day--thats your right and choice but its your job to protect your children. She chose not only to allow this nutcase to assault, starve, beat and neglect her 3 children but she chose to go further and bring another human being into what was already a nightmare. I'm sorry again folks, but I've had enough. Enough of our country playing the victim card and not assuming responbility for what THEY choose to do. Many of us have been victims in our lifetimes and we chose to change the course of our lives and make it better. We chose to NOT inflict onto our young what was done to us. We need lawyers and judges that will no longer tolerate this "poor me" crap and make anyone accountable that is involved in a horrendous crime such as this--both parents need to be charged with 3 counts of attempted murder plain and simple. She should also be forced to undergo some sort of sterilization so that she never brings another child into her screwed up mentality, as well as the father. People like this dont change, so we need to change their ability to harm our young.

Not a happy blog post by any means,,,,but I needed to vent! Here's the article if you havent read it....DALLAS - Three children were kept in a hotel bathroom for about a year and were "horribly emaciated" when police found them earlier this month, authorities said. One claimed to have been repeatedly sexually assaulted.

The children's mother, 30-year-old Abneris Santiago, is charged with injury to a child. Her 37-year-old live-in boyfriend, Alfred Santiago, is charged with aggravated sexual assault and continual sexual abuse.

The extended stay hotel where the Santiagos lived sits alongside one of Dallas' busiest freeways. It has daily and weekly rates and offers maid service for an extra cost, though it wasn't clear if hotel employees had entered the unit where the children were found.

An attorney for the hotel chain said there were no complaints from other guests and employees about the unit.

"When law enforcement and management arrived ... the unit was very, very clean," said Steven Stefani, senior counsel for a Budget Suites of America. "What became apparent is these people worked very hard in concealing these children in the back bathroom."

Couple remains in jail
The Santiagos remained jailed Wednesday. Abneris Santiago was being held on $50,000 bail, while Alfred Santiago was being held on $125,000 bail. Her initial court appearance is not expected until Aug. 3, said her attorney, James Jamison.

His attorney, Richard Carrizales, declined to comment.

According to an arrest affidavit, Abneris Santiago called police on July 2 and asked for help getting her children and belongings from the hotel. Officers found a healthy 1-year-old girl — the child of the Santiagos, Jamison said — in a crib.

Inside the bathroom, they found an 11-year-old girl, a 10-year-old boy and a 5-year-old boy — Abneris Santiago's children from other relationships, Jamison said. It was apparent the children suffered from "serious physical, emotional and mental neglect," according to the affidavit.

The 10-year-old was covered in bruises and all three were "horribly emaciated, underweight and malnourished," the affidavit said.

The 11-year-old told authorities that their mother left them with her boyfriend while she worked. She said they were allowed to leave the bathroom only when he took a shower and that they were regularly beaten and rarely fed.

The girl told police she had been sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend for at least three years. She described numerous rapes and said she was forced to perform oral sex on him. She also said the boyfriend threatened to kill her if she told her mother about the assaults.

Children in temporary foster care
The children were initially hospitalized for 10 days. The 10-year-old was hospitalized again recently, said Child Protective Services spokeswoman Marissa Gonzales. All four children are now in temporary foster care.

Abneris Santiago told police that Alfred Santiago did not care for her children because, according to him, "they were not his responsibility," the affidavit said.

"She just had a history of making poor judgments about her male companions," Jamison said. "I think ultimately the evidence will show that this man was controlling her and controlling the children."

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squawmama said...

Hi Dawnie... I am stunned and saddened by this whole post and I agree with you 1000% that they should both be sent to jail, never allowed to see those children again and they need to sterilize her... What a crime that justice will most likely not be served...


Shellmo said...

My heart just breaks for these children! I'm so tired of listening to these news stories of how these parents endanger their children. WE recently had one in Michigan where the mother KNOWINGLY had a friendship w/ 2 sex offenders and allowed them near her daughter. Her escuse "I don't judge anyone." Well, the 2 offenders raped and murdered her daughter. As far as I'm concerned, that mother should be locked up too. I seriously think they should have parenting classes in our schools.

Nina Diane said...

arghhhhh.....keep those adults locked up! Don't let them out...ever! There should be a no tolerence for people who harm children in any way shape or form!

Anonymous said...

There is such a veil of secrecy that surrounds situations like this. No one talks and it and the secrecy allows the situation to escalate. I've never understood how a mother could stand by and allow a boyfriend or even a father to abuse her children. Both adults should be held responsible. I wonder how they hid the children from the maids?

rosemarie said...

there are so many sick people like that..i just cant believe people could do things like that.

Ginger said...

I agree with you, these parents should never see the light of day. I feel so bad for the innocent children.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Dawnie! I didn't hear about this one! It turns my stomach to hear of such abuse!

As a child... how do you make a full recovery from that??? It was the Mother's job to protect her children from that Monster! I hope both of them rot in jail!

Donna Marie

Mrs. B. Silly said...

This just makes me feel so sick! Lock them up and throw away the keys!

BluePixo said...

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