Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Ok this made me think.  I"m tired of thinking actually, lol.  Seems thats all I do since I got sick.  BUT..since a free banner is involved I continue to think!  For me, since all these life changes have taken place for me, my thoughts are usually on, finding a way of doing something that will not only be fun in the moment,,but leave a legacy of memories.  When your faced with a terminal illness, you truly learn what it means to live in the moment, the day, the hour, the minute.  Along with that, comes thoughts of wanting to get out there and embrace life.  Do something that makes you laugh, laugh hard...and also leaves memories for yourself and those you love.  I'm focused on doing hopefully a couple of vacations this year.  I've always wanted to camp by the ocean, and go to sleep listening to the waves and awaken listening to more waves. I want to take my bucket of ice cold coronas down to the seashore and watch the ocean, the birds, the sky, and if I"m lucky a dolphin!  I want to feast on fresh lobster, that isnt overly priced because it has to be shipping into my state.  In other words, seconds!!!! heck maybe thirds!  I want to laugh, laugh all day, go to sleep laughing.  I want those around me-those who care about me, to see that just because your faced with an illness, you can still get up every day and embrace what life may offer you.  Thats my note to self....keep working on making that camping on the ocean come to life...real soon..the waves are calling!

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