Monday, February 20, 2012

Pretty Lights

One of my weaknesses is pretty soft lights.  I visited a blogger the other day,,lord knows my "treatment" brain cannot remember, BUT I do remember she had a chandelair (sp) above her kitchen sink. I loved the idea, but since I do not own this home--or have the money right now-to purchase one, I found this idea to be the next best thing.  AND..inexpensive. At Pottery Barn I found this crystal little candle light.  We hung it above the sink and its absolutely peaceful and stunning at night.  My picture is blurry, forgive me but I'm still learning this camera after 3 years.  I really didnt have time with work, and other obligations to really sit down and play with this camera.  I'm trying now--but its not easy for me.  I am thinking I may have to look into another I dont like this one.  Anyhow, I love this little candle light--I just pop in a tealight at night and I have my mini kitchen chandelair!  I know that spelling is OFF!

This lamp was given to me on my recent birthday by my cousin.  I love it!  I like turning it on during the day just for the glow. I'm learning one of my addictions is crystal lamps, candleholders etc.  Its to bad I dont have a Mcmansion to get hundreds lol.   

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Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Very pretty Dawn! I love the soft glow too, so romantic!
You asked about the H.S. home.
The owner does all of the financing and they pay the high school $5000, which mostly goes towards keeping up the equipment etc and a small amount extra to my hubby because he often ends up just like a general contractor.
Homeowners save $50,000 or more on labor.
They must be within 3 miles of the h.s. because of travel.
Hugs friend,

Shelley said...

It is beautiful Dawn! I love soft lights too. I'm trying to blog more - I've missed you.
Sending you warm hugs!

Lynn said...

Dawn, I have a chandlier over my kitchen sink and I know you visited me. One reason I never use my dishwasher, I love doing dishes by chandlier light and seeing the rainbow light prisms during the day. My kitchen sink in built into a corner of two windows and the chandlier actually sits between the windows and the sink. We are painting our kitchen right now so in a few months I will post it again. Painting wall, trim and lots of cabinets so this is going take awhile, hehe. Hubby and I love New Orleans, the French Quarter for the jazz. We go to Maison Bourbon, a no frills jazz club on Bourbon St that has pure, heavenly jazz. There is something about French Quarter, the foggy nights, the jazz floating on the air that to me is beyond romantic. I also love the French Architecture, the balconies. We were there for 4 days last year during Mardi Gras but could not do so this year, but are planning to go in December to see all the Christmas lights. Last time was back in 2003. Keeping your in my prayers and my heart. Even if my kitchen chandlier was not the one you saw, each time I look at it, which is a lot each day, I am going to pray for total healing for you. God bless.

Beth said...

I love your crystal lamp. The soft glow is so pretty. Take care and have a good week.
Blessings, Beth

Nancy's Notes said...

Just beautiful, Dawn. I love that soft glow, so appealing. Take care and blessing to you.


Debbie said...

There is just something about the soft glow of candles at night, isn't there? So your kitchen light.
Your crystal lamp is so pretty, and it!!

Nezzy said...

Oh how very charmin' sweeite.

I love to tuck little lamps here and yonder for a soft glow too.

Your little fix over the sink works marvelously, just beautiful.

God bless ya and have an amazin' day sweetie!!! :o)

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh how pretty, and what wonderful ambiance they add. It's been a long time since I visited your blog. I don't get around Blogland as much as I used to. I came over from Cindy's. I was so sad to read about your struggle and will keep you in my prayers. laurie

Willow said...

I like it too. I have a light in the living room that has a calming effect and I love it early in morning hours just to relax before starting the day.

Lilly said...

I love them too. And I love your lights. They are soft and calming and just what you need right now. And McMansions are yuk, I would much rather a small cozy space, with chandeliers of course!