Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

These are some new plates I found at Marshalls this weekend.  Reminded me of Spring, so i bought 2. Thats right 2, so if baldyman breaks one--which is very likley...I dont know what i will do!  for now...I'm going to enjoy them.

This is my dining room light fixture, if you look closely you will see my little heart birds on it.  I thought they were adorable!

AND..what is Valentines day without a candle, this is my Valentines Candle that I made, called Best Friends!  I purchased some tin lamp tops and as you can see they are pretty nice.  These will fit on most candles, I wanted to see how they look so I'm checking them out tonight.  so far, so good!

AND....drum roll, here is our meal.  Rib eye steak, lobster, fingerling pototoes and carrots.  It was better than good.  I ate every morsel and am so grateful to God my appetite is back!  Not that I dont need to keep losing weight..I do..but when stuff like this comes up--Im first in line.

And my husbands famous greek salad.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this salad...sad thing is the treatment I'm taking for my cancer is messing with my tongue and i had to give this up due to sores on my tongue.  Well tonight i decided to try it again..and it tasted as wonderful as I remember it,,but nope its very irritating to my tongue so I cannot have seconds or finish it off at 10PM like I used to do.  I ate so much salad I'm surprised I didnt turn into a piece of lettuce.   So that was our homecooked Valentines meal...It rocked.  We also had chocolate covered strawberries of which I did not take a picture..those completed the meal just wonderfully.  Now, its back to clean up and then hot tub time...and then Hope Floats!~  I hope all of you did something wonderful for yourself, or your family.  Valentines Day is my absolute favorite day of the year.  Nothing better than loving and being loved!

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Debbie said...

Oh yum! your Valentine meal looks wonderful! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it with your honey.
Your table is beautiful.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love those plates Dawn and the meal too!
Sounds like you and hubby had a great meal and day too!
Hubby and I babysat for Addison so we had a kiddie night, but that's ok, she is so much fun!
Hugs friend,

Sassy said...

That meal looks amazing and so glad you had your appetite.....I LOVE LOBSTER!!!!!!!! Your plates are too too cute!!!!! Hopefully they do NOT get broken.......love that we are blogging again!!!!!

Calming Scents said...

Hi Sassy! Yes its nice to be back. I tell ya, my husband aka baldyman, breaks everything. I knew when I bought them that i should be a few extra but i'm to cheap lol. I'm also on a new budget which is very small. The new rule is, he cant touch glass or any breakable around the house. All he has to do is walk past something and I'll hear a crash and then profanity. lol

CHERI said...

Just came over from Cindy's Applestone Cottage. She asked that we pray for you and that is definitely what I'll be doing:) Wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday and Happy Valentines Day. You hang in there, girl, and you fight, fight, fight...you'll make it!

Lynn said...

That meal was perfect for a special day like Valentine's! Hubby's original plans and also option B had to be cancelled as our car has been waiting a week to go in the shop tomorrow. Also the day after the car, the fridge froze everything, I mean everything! There are time, you just have to laugh and this was one of them. Hubby made his favorite breakfast for our supper, scrambled eggs, toast and hash with Valentine cake and raspberry, chocolate wine for dessert. Quite the combo, like us, we do our own crazy thing and laugh together and have fun. Has been a really funny week here. In the end the gratitude is being together, knowing all three of my children are happy at once with their families. Again, may I say what an inspiring women you are and it ia my pleasure tohave only just meet you the other day. The new plates are wonderful, spring-like and so like your spirit that I see in between the words on your post. Your spirit is soaring and vibrant and fighting like crazy to eliminate the cancer. Talk to you again soon. Big hugs and blessings.

Lynn said...

Sorry, me again. Forgot to thank you for your lovely comment on my home. We love it, hubby has his mancave for his amature radio station, computer and everything else he loves in our "guest room", hehe, so I have the rest of the house. Our home is cozy. I always loved playing "house" as a little girl, guess I still am and always the hopeless romantic. Thank you from my heart. I was so touched by your words.

Mimi said...

I popped over from CINDY at APPLESTONE COTTAGE to say HI and I am happy to visit you and say HAPPY VALENTINE'S day and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!
God Bless you and I think your Valentine Meal looked so yummy!!!

Lynn said...

Hi again on Friday, Just stopped in to say hi. No worries, will stop in again, just did not want to leave without letting you know I cared enough to stop over. You know like the old fashion concept of leaving a note in the mailbox or under the door etc. Blessings.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Oh goodness this meal looks delicious! Happy BELATED Birthday to you Dawn...I discovered you through Cindy over at Applestone Cottage and wanted to say hello. I hope your weekend is a good one.
Maura :)

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Oh I know those mouth sores. Did they give you the mouthwash for it?? It really does help. Some things though just have to go bye for a while. Cancer sucks! But I hope you have a great weekend!!

Beth said...

What beautiful plates, and a fabulous meal, Dawn! My husband and I had our Valentine's dinner out tonight, at our favorite restaurant. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. I really like your verse from Jeremiah - that is one of my favorites too. God is good!
Hugs, Beth

blessedmoms simple home said...

Happy Belated Birthday Dawn. I came over from Cindy's blog. Your Valentines meal sounds wonderful. My hubby's favorite food is lobster :)

C'est moi Claudette said...

Came to see you from your sweet friend Cindy. She's my friend too. LOVE her.
I wish you better days and many warm sunny days in your future dear Dawn.
You are in my heart and in my prayers.
Love from Canada.

Lilly said...

Just beautiful. So glad your appetite is returning and the lovely Baldyman is right there beside you.