Friday, July 11, 2014

June 12, 2010

Today is our daughters wedding. It's being held at our sons house. The wedding will take place outside, it's a beautiful setting. Pond, flowers, and even the weather is cooperating. The big white tent in the yard for the last couple days was exciting to see. Our brother in law will perform the ceremony. I'm feeling very melancholy. After all, it's our daughter!
Again, I'm not feeling right. Same thing as my sons wedding. Nothing specific, nothing I can even pinpoint. Just an overall feeling of, I don't feel well.
The wedding went great. We had snacks, then a catered meal. The food was awesome. It was done in blue and white. Dj was fun. It was a great night of celebration. I danced as much as I could. I think we were successful in having a great wedding for very reasonable.
Once again, the night ends with me going home early, alone, going to bed. Not one drink. These are the things I look back back on, and remember. These are the things I look back on and realize, I was sick.

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Ginger said...

If I am reading this right, you were sick for two years before you got diagnosed? Or were you sick from something else at the time of the weddings?

Dawn Marie said...

Hi ginger! Well actually, my oncologist believes I had cancer several years before I was diagnosed. To be in all my bones, it takes time. My cancer is slow growing. That's the reason I'm writing this as I'm hoping someone may read my story and realize we don't always get diagnosed in big ways. Cancer is evil,sneaky, I look back and I now can see how I was slowly changing. I was sick for a long time.