Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

82? Can you believe Cloris Leachmen is 82? I think she looks great and should win an award for just getting out of her rocker and attempting this. Every day I see people that have given up on life--in their 40's, 50's, let alone 80. She's spunky, looks good and is definitely out there enjoying every second of her life that she has left. Her dancing wasnt that good--but what would you expect from this age???? The only thing I didnt enjoy about Cloris was when the judges gave her score, she called the lady judge the "B" word. While I enjoy her spunkiness, I felt that was totally inappropiate.

And we have Susan Lucci, I remember as a young Mom I would watch her on All My Children. She dosnt look that much different 30 years later! Amazing that she is 62 and looks like this. I've been feeling pretty down since I turned 50 this year and after watching these two women--I feel uplifted again. We need to keep living--keep going and fighting the aging process. I see to many give up because they feel they are old or cant look good anymore. Looking good or the best we can isnt just for the youth folks. I'm told everyday I dont look 50...but I wont lie. I out there trying new products for my skin, I dont drink, I dont smoke, I avoid stress at all costs. I do my best to make sure I rest often. I keep up on changing hairstyles, colors, and I am always up for trying new outfits. All I need to improve on is losing weight and exercising to keep myself limber. I'm not normally a fan of TV but I found myself drawn to this show just out of curiousity of these two "older" women. So far, I'm impressed!

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Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Dawn, I am crazy about Dancing with the Stars. It's probably the only show I really make a point of watching. I cracked up when Cloris threw her leg up on the judges stand but the rest of her behavior I am not so sure about. I was reading all the message boards this morning on the show and it seems she did a lot of things that weren't seen by us that were rather unladylike.

Nana Net said...

Hey there Dawn! I have been watching this show sine its beginning. This years program appears to be loaded with alot of talent. Plus more excitement than the previous years! I mean at least to me that is. :0) Anyway, I just wonder about Cloris Leachmans' antics the other night. She appears to be a little off. But then again I am not sure if it is due to her age or maybe the producers just wrote it up that way! With TV you never know.
Hope you keep watching "Dancing with the Stars." I know I will.
Take care and enjoy the evening.

Nana Net

P.S. When I went first went to click on your page @ my "Checkin' This & That Out Link" it took me to some kind of free server log in page. Not sure if you had your blog set up that way or not. So I took you off my link page. Let me know if you would like for me to put you back on there. Thanks.

HektikLyfe said...

Yes Leachmen does have a funny personality!

Mean Mode ON!

Plastic doesn't age. Haven't you noticed that Mattel sticker behind the scars under her chin?

Seriously, I don't think women should look up to these plastic faces and although Cloris was and frequently is, terribly inappropriate, its her attitude that keeps her young. Its what is on the inside that counts.