Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tyler Perry's New Movie

HUGE Fan I am of Tyler Perry. HUGE-HUGE-HUGE! I have loved just about all his movies so far and his portrayal of Madea gives me great laughter. I love the messages he has in the majority of his work and how he takes his movies and shows just what real life is. I will be seeing his new movie The Family that Preys tomorrow...hopefully I will be first in line!
Real life, we all live it, for many of us while maybe we can hide some of our imperfections or pretend they dont exist...they do. Simply they do. For our extended families, the same applies, we can wish some people didnt do what they do or behave the way they do, make choices that they do....but again--they just simply do. Its real life folks, we have to deal with it, even when we dont want to. Thats what I love about his movies, there is no hiding, no pretending, its all there...all of it and it shows how no matter what--we can overcome and keep our faiths.
As for Madea, well she is just a rockin, packing, spitfire of a Grandma....NO she is not ordinary in any way and very naughty. Its not something I would want a child to see, Madea is purely for adult entertainment. If you need a laugh, she's gonna give you one.
Tomorrow the Family the Preys begins--I'm so excited!

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Dawnie said...

I'm going to comment on my own comment! I did go see the movie and it rocks! It was actually difficult at times to sit thru it because some folks were so "evil" that you wanted to jump out of your seat and choke em. Knowing Tyler though I knew "revenge" was coming..and it did come...and I felt a TON better. Always a message in his movies,,,always a faith, but ALWAYS also real life which is never pretty. Its full of sin, ugliness and embarassment within our families. I simply can not get enough of this mans work.