Thursday, September 25, 2008

Isnt this adorable?

Isnt this cute beyond words? This is one of Telefora's Halloween bouquets. Normally, I order myself centerpieces for only Thanksgiving and Christmas so our dining room table is extra special. This year I decided to take a look at their Halloween flowers. FTD has more of candy and cookie arrangements than actual Flowers. Teleflora has many various and quite fun centerpieces for your home. The prices are pretty high, but hey...its once a year that we get to "spook" ourselves and really when you think about it,,,most of us really only get into decorating our homes in the Fall Season and Christmas holiday. I just may end up ordering this little guy and let him grace our table for a couple weeks!

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Dawnie said...

I'm going to leave this post up thru the weekend..hopefully someone will come by, and comment, not just read!

I'm going away for the weekend, going to shop, watch movies, do girly type things. I'm also going to order this Halloween goodies for myself in a week or two--just to have a pretty dining room table. Have a great weekend, and get out there and enjoy the Fall colors, temps, and as always do something nice for YOU!

Carol B. said...

Dear Dawnie,
Thanks so much for the encouraging words on my blog site. They really, really, really mean so much to me. My desire for many years now has been to be totally honest, instead of wearing that "everything's ok" mask like I have done all my life. Thanks to your encouragement, I think I am going to have the guts to try it. I least, I hope so! :)
You have a wonderful, enjoying weekend. You deserve it!
Carol B.

HektikLyfe said...

I love Halloween. If you liked that bouquet you'll probably like the "Living" Halloween Party Favor bag my wife did on YouTube. I would post a link but I'm on my iPhone and cut and paste is not allowed. :(

If you are interested, search for "Halloween Party Favor-How To" just like that on YouTube. It was this cute little bag for candy hand outs. The kids loved them.

Thanks for following my page. :)

HektikLyfe said...

Oh and don't delete your posts. Sometimes people just need to get to know you and they take their time. Some people online can be really mean so people are more cautious when they comment.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I don't know where you went for the weekend but I hope you are having tons of fun. That is an adorable Halloween arrangement. I hope you get it. I wanted to get this great big spider (similar to the one in your post) they had at the grocery store the other day but DH put his foot down on that. He hates spiders.

Patti said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment! Well, we did take Abbey home with us. She is a little older than we thought (maybe 7?) and does have a bit of a cough. She's seeing the vet and groomer on Monday, so hopefully they can help with the cough. She is very sweet- seemingly well behaved too. I think she is getting along well with Lady- just a couple of growls by Abbey while in the house. It's been a few years since we had all of our dogs and they were so used to each other I don't even remember what they used to do. Anyway, Lady seems a little sad- not being head princess and all- I hope she snaps out of it! Genie's cute...isn't it amazing how they can just become part of one's life so fast?

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Very cute bouquet!

I have presented you with a blog award at Another Road to Ramble. Stop by any time to pick it up!