Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Witch's Shoe

Isnt this adorable? This is my dining room table all decorated for Halloween. We just painted the room, cleaned it up real good, bought some thermal drapes for the patio doors and put out all the new goodies for the Season. I found this shoe at Marshalls and fell in love with it. I might fill it with candy for our annual Halloween party that baldyman and I have for our grandchildren. Every Halloween for the last 3 or 4 y ears now
we have a overnight party with them. All the food is made special for Halloween, then we play games, head out to check our decorations people have up...and end the night with a kiddie Halloween movie. This year we are thinking of getting up the following morning and heading to a hotel with a waterpark. The girls have come to enjoy the tradition and look forward to it. Last year I sent out their invite with an invitation that said--Ghouls just wanna have fun and had the song playing. This year so far I cant find any invitations that I like...I just might have to get creative and make one!

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