Monday, September 29, 2008

The lesser of Two Evils???

Someones blog triggered me to finally talk about the upcoming election. I havent talked about it much this year at all. Normally, I'm pretty involved and discussions can get pretty heated. The last 2 elections I've chosen to bow out. Thats right folks, I've bowed out. I didnt vote. I had some folks tell me, if you dont vote, how can you complain? If you dont vote, your not doing what God wants you to do. I dont agree with any of that, nor probably most of what anyone would say anymore. First, let me say this and I know this will offend alot of folks but if I can accept others thoughts and opinions, the same should be given to me. Just because someone will call themselves a Christian, DOES NOT mean they are. We should NOT vote for a person just because they give themselves that title. I now run from that. I have lived long enough to know being a true Christian, we dont have to broadcast it, we just need to live it, and show it thru our daily life. I firmly believe alot of people in politics use that Christian stance to gain voters. I think they believe so many of us are naieve and will vote only on that phrase and sadly, many do and will. I wont anymore. The person I want in charge of running the country I live in, needs to live as a Christian without having to broadcast it. I want to know their entire life is about God, not just the election. John Mccain in alot of ways is no different than any other wealthy person, houses so many he cant count anymore, his actions at times havent demonstrated integrity, (read what he did recently with Dave Lettermen). If he cant show integrity in something so minute as to be honest as to why he didnt want to go on the show--how can he show integrity in bigger decisions that affect all our daily lives? And tell me again, why does someone need 7+ homes?

Obama, I have just basically ignored him, so I dont know of him. I've heard he's not a Christian, sooo does that mean because he said that I automatically should vote for McCain? Well, many Christians are saying yes---I say NO! Our decisions need to be based on an entire package of the candidate. Their history, their integrity, their life. In my mind, neither has touched me enough to even listen much. I've grown bitter and weary of most politicians.

God is in control no matter what--I read that on another blog and while that is true, we also must remember that God has given us choice, and free will and so that will ultimately affect our quality of life. To sit back complacently because we believe no matter what we do it dosnt matter because he is in charge is almost like a scapeboat of saying--Dont do a thing--because it simply dosnt matter. Some may say I've chosen to not do a thing by not voting....but I feel differently. I feel I've taken a stand as to letting it be known--I have faith in neither candidate anymore. I think most politicians stink and care for nothing other than power, and self. Its not about people anymore, its not about love of country and God and neighbor. Its all about attention, fame, power, control, lust and greed. So, I've backed away. I've taken a stand to take a stand against running to the voting booth--just because someone says--I'm a Christian. I wont do that anymore. I expect alot more from anyone that says " I'm a Christian". Your life better be a shining example of what that is. , especially when it comes to running a country and making choices that affect my life, my childrens, my grandchildrens. If it turns out McCain is truly a man of God and of his word, I will learn that and support him, the same would be for Obama or any candidate no matter their party name.

I'm not going to load my blog down with pictures of the Republican party nor am I going to make it a topic everyday, I just felt compelled to share my feelings today for some reason. I'm willing to learn more about each candidate but at this point, I wont be voting. I will be going to God and asking him for direction, guidance and help me continue to be the best human being I can be.

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Nana Net said...

For me this years election has become nothing but nasty! That yes in previous years the nastiness has been there. But not as bad as it is this year! Still though I am not in favor of either candidate! That is why I am going to just simply "Write In" my own choice of who I like! LOL Although they are not running anymore. That though they are not 100% perfect, etc. they at least admitted to their faults! Even those when it came to being a Christian. To me it showed they were someone who was just trying to be an everday person in this crazy world we live in.
Have an enjoyable evening!

HektikLyfe said...

Here is the thing with me and politics.

If you're successful in politics, it isn't because your honest.

That kind of skews my whole opinion of them all, Christian or not.

Tammy Snyder said...

Amen, Dawnie!

Cheri Lee said...

Hello dawn I am new to blogging too. I ran across yours in the coffee shop and was curious I am glad I checked out your blog it is pretty good and I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing cheri lee