Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Soon to be Wed

This here is my son, my oldest who turns 30 on October 3rd! Toshina is his fiance, they have little Ms. Ellie our 3rd grandaughter who is now 2. On October 4th, they will be getting married. I'm amazed that my son is going to be 30,,forget about the getting married part. I still remember turning 30....this is very spooky for me! Nothing will force you to deal with your aging as your "baby" turning a milestone age. Its just alittle over 3 weeks until the big day and I havent even found a dress to wear yet. I dont want to look matronly and thats all i've seen so far. Dont these shops realize that yes even at 50 some of us ladies still want to strut our stuff? This will be our 2nd wedding, our 2nd son got married 4 years ago. We are all looking forward to the big day, even me, EVEN if I have to wear the same dress i wore to my 2nd sons wedding. Who would remember right? Well, it could make it self known thru pictures but heck someday that could be the joke in the family--look at how cheap mom was, she kept wearing the same dress!

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