Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Empty Lake

Well folks, this may very well be most of your only chance to ever see an empty lake. This summer Lake Delton emptied out in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. I'm sure many of you read about it in the news. The levee broke and the lake was gone. This top picture is where the Tommy Bartlett Water Ski show normally is. The lake is now growing grass. They expect by next Spring to have the lake repaired and filled again.
This is Peter, our favorite bartender. He went along camping for a day with us this past Labor Day Weekend. k, I'm trying to look only at the lake because Peter is my absolute dream guy.....and if......oh well, gotta back to the lake right?
He is standing at a place where some water remains...but nothing what they need to boat, ski, etc. They are repairing the breach now and I guess its pretty closed up. I wish I had a picture of the breach. It was amazing, the entire road was gone, just gone. It was like a bomb was dropped and pulled out the middle of the road. That was what held the lake in. I dont think they are doing it that way again. Some businesses lost 80% of their income this year due to this. It was amazing to see, but also very sad. The lake is a huge part of this favorite tourist spot. Sad to say, but we made it thru didnt we? Mother Nature really showed us her strength this summer.

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Connie said...

Thank YOU for visiting with me, sweetpea!! I'm always happy to meet new bloggers. Come back and visit and hear "the end of the campout" stories! LOL

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Thanks for commenting on my poopy post! That is TERRIBLE that one of your sons gave you cat pooh all wrapped up! rofl..I am sure he thought it was hilarious though. I know how boys' minds work and it is truly a bit scary at times! I wouldn't trade it all for the world though, lol.

So sad about the Wisconsin Dells! I had read about that. Glad to hear that its being repaired though so that the lake can come back!