Friday, August 8, 2008

All by myself!

Isnt she gorgeous? She's the only sunflower
I have this year and she's standing proud!
I planted many more but for some odd
reason the seeds never grew...(could some
critters have dug em up?).
I went out this morning and took this
picture with my new camera in the macro
mode..super macro mode. Obviously, I
still have alot to learn but every day I figure
more out. I also took it in the photo shop and
brightened her up a bit. I think she's beautiful.
Why is she a she???? Well I dont know...I just assume because she's so tall and proud, she
is a she!
Oh and take note of the new picture on the top of my blog.....there is a secret to that picture
that I will talk about later. I find it amazing and amusing that I can enjoy such a beautiful
beach scene from some simple a place.
Its Friday folks, whatever you do, make sure its fun and relaxing!

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