Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Look at the Picture and you'll know why....

I needed to go shopping for a new camera. This picture stinks.,and for some time now I've been
thinking I need to invest in a new camera.
Last night me and the baldman went out camera
shopping. OHHHH you dont ever want to take him shopping...he is worse than 10 women together who ADORE shopping. The man LOVES to shop. I tell ya, we were in WallyWorld
for hours--I got so sore from standing around
asking questions--listening to him and his MORE
questions....I actually had sore hips.
Once he thought he had it figured out--he would
go back and say...well wait a minute let me see this one again. After over 2 hours...he finally made his decision and so Welcome Home Fugi Camera! Its not top of the line by any means but
its far better than what i had. Look how blurry this picture is...I hope to never see that again.
Once i download the software and figure out how to use it, it will become my best friend. I hope
to have much better quality pictures here on my blog and everywhere else I use pictures.
Hopefully this will be the last blurry picture on this blog!

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