Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Homegrown Green Beans

This is it folks! This is what i've gotten so far from our green bean plants. Count em...I did
and I think I've got about 16 of em.
Thats enough for me and the baldman to each
have 8!!!!
Growing these beans was a last minute decison
mainly because technically I have no garden plot
and no place to grow them. I took 6 seeds and
placed them next to my 3 tomato plants.
These all grow on the side of the house, literally
next to the house. I also 1, thats right, 1 Jalepeno plant. Not much of a garden to speak of
and yet each day we find ourselves out there checking out our goods. The tomatos are doing
great and we should have a great supply of those. As for the pepper plant-we will have enough
to whip up a few batches of homemade salsa. Now that I think about it, I need to take a picture
of our teeny garden plot.
As for these 16 green beans, tonight they will boiled, and soaked in hot butter and salt &
pepper and enjoyed by their garderners!

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