Friday, August 22, 2008


I think this will be my Friday title every Friday...I'm sure any of us who hold outside jobs feel this way on Fridays.....Whewwwww,,,Its Finally Friday!
For me, sometimes it means heading to our trailer. Other times--baldyman and I will go meet up with our favorite Bartender and enjoy a good Bloody Mary, play a few games, enjoy a few laughs and be home by 6.
Today, its gonna be a meet up with Peter, our bartender. He mixes a great Bloody, sometimes even adds his own homemade garden veggies. He's an Irish man, a local school teacher who does this on occasional Fridays just to get out and mingle. If you have looked at my blog--you will notice his garden pictures. He's an avid gardener, in fact we may be having our daughters wedding in it next Spring.
Whatever you do today and on the weekend, do it safe and relaxing. The key to the weekend-is to rejuvienate ourselves for another week of life! See yas Monday!

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