Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday Everyone! I have a new
picture that i want to post but the Baldyman
was using the new camera this weekend and for some reason I can no longer download the
photos. I was thinking, maybe I should get my OWN computer, my OWN camera and then
when I'm ready to use them--they will WORK! Seems, whenever someone uses your things
they no longer work properly when you go to use them. Hmmm,,,maybe if he read the in-
structions---could that possibly work???
Anyhow, i didnt forget about my new picture at the top--thats the picture I wanted to retake
and show you...I will get to it--as soon as I figure out what he did to the new camera.
This picture was taken in Utah..where there is nothing--and i mean nothing..absolutely
NOTHING! Walking amongst the rocks we found this one tiny little grand-
daughter and me. I asked her to take the picture and it turned out great didnt it?
I found it awesome that in the midst of bare lands, rocks, and dessert one tiny little
beautiful flower was able to find a way to grow.
Have a great day and I hope to post later also!

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