Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Annies Cat

Guess whose visiting Grandma and Granpa? It sure dosnt look like grandchildren to me...NOPE...its a CAT! And not my favorite kind either, I prefer them stuffed OR framed.
Annie is on a vacation for the week and so Butterscotch has taken over my bedroom window.
This has become her lookout window. Of course since she's been here I havent slept well at all.
Seems she likes to terrorize our house at night...she runs all round, jumps on the bed, meows
loudly and all the while the bells on her little collar make enough noise to wake the dead.
I have a feeling by the time she has to go home, she will have taken over our household. Its amazing how fast they get ya to become their little slaves. For the first hour or so she would run from us scared....then right after was her nuzzling against our legs. begging for food, and
then DEMANDING food. She also will sit by the door of anything she wants to get into and attack it...the house has become HERS!

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