Monday, August 25, 2008

Wash Day!

Monday and I should have been doing takes nearly 3 times to dry a load of clothes with my dryer. The washer dosnt wring the clothes out enough and they come out sometimes dripping.
I decided it was time for a new washer and dryer. On my lunch break today, I ran into our local store to check out their appliances. I figured they would be outrageous in price and not good selection. Well, I am glad they dont have to big a choice and the prices were very comparable to the bigger stores.
I made my choice in less than 10 minutes for both a washer and a dryer, set up delivery and left.
I took pictures of my old washer this morning--and will take one of the new one that comes tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow night i can post them. I have never had this nice of a washer in all my 50 years. I told baldyman isnt it funny how when our 5 kids lived at home I made do with the cheapest of machines. One time for nearly 10 years we lived with a used Maytag. We paid $100.00 for it and it went tons of abuse. Wasnt pretty to look at, but it was a work horse. This new machine is pretty to look at and comes with plenty of choices. My dryer even has a rack to place shoes or things you dont want bouncing as they dry. I cant believe I'm actually excited about doing laundry tomorrow night. I'm even gonna spoil myself and get a Brand name detergent with Fabric Softener. How cool is that?

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