Monday, August 4, 2008

Rock Party....Literally!

Welcome to Peters Garden. For months now
I've been saving rocks sent to me from
various friends on the internet for this
annual tradition our favorite bartender has.
To enter his garden you must bring a rock,
dosnt matter the size or kind. He places them
around a circle by the fireplace which is at
the end of the garden. You are entering the
beginning of the garden here.

Next stop would be his wishing well that he built
for the Rock party. Each stone was laid by hand
with no pattern being used.

as you continue walking thru various paths, you
will find vegetable patches, fruit patches and
flowers. Candles hang from trees, perched
along side fences. On the hand laid stone paths
you will see garden sayings, pretty stones
and various other garden ornaments.
Here is the end of the garden, where the circle
of rocks is located. You can see the river in
the distance. His garden was an absolute joy
to be in and it definitely gave me inspiration
for next Springs gardening season. For anyone
looking for a place to soothe your soul and find
peace and serenity,,,find a beautiful garden to
walk thru...there's nothing like it!

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