Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Check em out!

Here is the old model, she definitely shows signs of use and abuse. I didnt even bother to clean her up to put her away. I figure one of these days when I have nothing to do, I'll go clean her up for the next time she needs to work.

Here is the new model! Its a Maytag and as you can see it tells me how many minutes I have left in the wash cycle. For me, thats really cool because in my old machine, I had NOTHING...absolutely NOTHING! I was lucky if it even finished rinsing for me..sometimes it got tired of working!

Here is the new dryer! This is a Maytag also. I have cool features on this to. I have a Wrinkle Free cycle so it will keep going if I cant empty it right away. It also has a rack I can use if I need to dry items I dont want flopping around such as tennis shoes or pillows. I do hope these are the last appliances I buy in my lifetime...at 50--I doubt it. But dont they say Maytags last forever?
I already started using them tonight-and the smells permeating thruout my house are actually making me enjoy doing laundry again. The entire house smells fresh and clean! If only that were so!

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Joy said...

I just got a maytag too but not as fancy as yours. I like the one you got better!