Thursday, August 7, 2008

My tiny garden at night!

Well folks this is it in all its glory! HUGE huh? Its almost embarassing to admit that this is our actual garden. I have gotten 2 meals of green beans, 2 jalepenos so far and once the tomatos
ripen I'll have enough to even give away!
The green beans were awesome, DELISH!
This picture was taken with our new camera at
night and I think for not knowing how to use
it yet it turned out pretty dern good!
Next year I promise my garden will truly
be huge....we plan on digging out the whole side of the house and really planting a plot
of vegetables. We've done it this way for the last 5 years and I actually miss going out
at harvest time and wandering thru the vegetables and carrying a basket in the house full
of goodies. Right now all i gotta do is have a small plate to carry my harvest! I hope
you enjoyed this garden shot, sorry folks its all I got!

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