Monday, November 3, 2008

Alittle late, but still appropiate!

Good ole Maxine! She's great, and every menopausals womens dream. I got this from my cousin Rose and this one just stuck out for me. Growing up in the family that I did--this just makes you really think about the holidays and she's right...right after Halloween, all the fun starts! This year-for me, will probably be just fine. Now that I basically spend the majority of the holidays with my children and grandchildren I will be spared from the birth family insanity. Last Christmas Eve, I actually stayed home. I stayed home all by myself while baldyman went to his Mom's house and all our children went also. I thought I would be really sad or lonely but I tell you,,,it was great! I watched Christmas movies, had a nice fire, a quiet house and I cooked and prepared the house for Christmas Day Dinner. I may do the same this year. I have all our children over on Christmas Day for dinner and gift opening early in the morning-so I just didnt feel like dressing up for Christmas Eve and driving nearly 2 hours--visit for 4 or 5 hours--then drive another 2 hours home and THEN prepare for Christmas Day. I have done that for nearly 30 years--so I deserve to just stay behind and have the quiet of the holiday.

I officially began decorating tonight--I started with the fireplace mantel. I'm not happy....I tossed a few things I've had for years--and years--and YEARS! I told baldyman---its time to replace some of this crap--pieces are missing--things are broke and I am tired of putting up the same stuff i have for all these 30 years. Some things you cant do without--but some--you can.

What about you guys,,,,how many of you try a different theme each year--and how many hang on to things forever no matter how tacky they begin to look. I"m wanting a classier, more elegant type look these days. One of the things I do like and wont give up-is I have a very small collection of little books, my cousin began giving me these a couple years ago...I lay them out on the tables in the hopes guests who come by-or even our kids will pick them up and enjoy a heartwarming Christmas Story. I dont like Christmas to be just a day and night--I like it to be a season, that is why I begin decorating so early. My kids were saying they like the "feeling" of Christmas and I know why...people just seem nicer and full of hope at this time of matter how dismal life can be. This year especially with all the sad and bad news going on--we need a season of hope and joy!

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Charmingdesigns said...

I like your way of thinking! Laurie

Anonymous said...

My mother always created a theme tree. There were successes and failures. (Remember flocking trees?) I carried on the theme tradition for many years and then one year I put red apple ornaments and candy canes on the tree and my guys enjoyed eating them all through the holiday season. It's become a tradition we all love.

BTW - I love Maxine!

HektikLyfe said...

I am a recovering pack rat. Slowly recovering. My new best friend though is the Goodwill guy that comes every now and again with a plastic bag that I fill with stuff I could live with never looking at again.

I have learned to clean but throwing away so donating seems much better.