Friday, November 21, 2008

Gracie Giveaway!

Is she not the cutest thing to grace your home? Yes I've been out blog searching again....hey its one of my favorite past times! I want to build my blog as well as continue to meet new bloggers. This is another giveaway I've come acrss and she's so sweet! Check out her candy cute for words. If you would like to visit yet another wonderful new blog and also be entered in another giveway...please go here. I really appreciate everyone that offers giveways--but also I'm grateful because its really generating a Holiday spirit. Thank you again to anyone hosting a giveaway--I really appreicate it.

3 Thanks for your comments!:

squawmama said...

Thanks Dawnie.... You are the QUEEN of finding new Bloggin' friends... Love the little doll.... it is so cute. Have a great day


Anonymous said...

Hey _ I'm right behind you. I entered the giveaways for the snowman and the bread yesterday. Love that log cabin. I'll head over to sign up for this giveaway, too. There are so many blogs to explore and when you're new and a blogging virgin it can be mind boggling.

Thank you for scouting!

HektikLyfe said...

Both cute and sad. I imagine some poor kid thinking that was the best Christmas gift in the world.

Innocence and tragedy.