Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby, its cold outside!

And this is what I"m going to do tonight, sit by the fire. baldyman is putting our little tree on the deck with our little lighted presents and then we are done with outside decorations. Tomorrow is my last day of training and I'm excited about having alittle more play time. One of the trainers if my former supervisor and boy do I miss him. He was one of those bosses that truly is gifted. The man will do well at everything he does in life...he's that awesome.

I'm so not ready for this cold. I pulled out the "scary" hats tonight and gonna toss em in the wash. Whats a scary hat? Awww you have to know! Its those hats that you pull over your face and only your eyes and nose and mouth show. My kids when they were little always called em the scary hats. Bad thing is,,when its really cold,,when you pull the scary hat off--all your boogies and snot and anything else that dripped remains on the hat. Makes for one heck of a smelly hat! To much information I know.

I hope no matter where you are--your all staying warm and looking forward to next weeks Turkey Day. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, as it always makes me think of my blessings and to be grateful for what God has given to me.

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Ginger said...

Hi Dawn:
You are really getting a jump on the holiday decorating. I wish I had some of your "get up and go".
I will have to drag my scarey hats out soon, too. It's actually nice during the day, but pretty darn cold at night. (it was gorgeous in Vegas..so nice and warm).
We are having a quiet Thanksgiving this year, the kids all have to work.

Anonymous said...

My husband has one of those hats! Chicago winters demand some type of face cover. For myself, I have this ugly fur hat with extremely long knitted ties that I tie around my lower face. Let's just say there are zero pictures of me in said hat. It's not a pretty sight but it keeps me warm.

squawmama said...

Great evening Dawnie to be able to sit by the fire with your honey... It is cool here in Florida too but not as cold as around the country... I know those hats... I flew to NYC with a girlfriend for shopping and a play during the holidays one year... we stayed with her son and we got snowed in with a wicked storm... I about froze my but off... I had a hat & a scarf wrapped around my face... and still froze... Have a warm one...


grammy said...

I think you are in New York and I don't want it to be cold there. We are going to Long Island to visit friends in 2 weeks. It is 64 degrees here in Colorado (close to Boulder...close to the mountains) and it is ten oclock at night. It was in the upper seventies today. What's up with that? I don't want to freeze when we go into the city (o:

Lady of the Mote said...

It sure is cold outside we had snow flurries yesterday,but it fit,hubby was hanging outside lights,(I have to take pics yet of the decorations)
anyone coming to NY better bring thier smelly hats,you will need them!
Have a blessed day!

HektikLyfe said...

I prefer the cold but I think I may be changing my mind about it if I would have to wear one of those hats.