Thursday, November 6, 2008

Goodies from the Mailman!

Look what I got yesterday! I ordered for a trial run the Christmas with Southern Living Book and along with it comes a free cooky book. Whenever I get a free cooky book its almost always with cookie recipes that are just to complicated for my busy life OR are so bizarre I wouldnt let my dog eat them. Well, this one ROCKS! It has many various recipes that are quick, look delicious and yes even a few recipes I wouldnt let my dog try. In fact, I already ran to the store last night and made a batch of cookies that I will post for you tomorrow along with the recipe! You get to try it for 30 days and if your not happy--return it for nothing. I'm happy, I'm not returning it and the Christmas Book itself has alot of beautiful ideas, more recipes and even gifts in a jar type recipes. The total cost including shipping is around 15 dollars, not to bad for a cooky book that you WILL use and a Christmas Idea book for horrible decorators like myself trying to improve!

I have to add this.....there IS a recipe even for doggie all you dog lovers you can bake little fifi or foo foo their own special cookies for Christmas!

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Lady of the Mote said...

How nice,I hope you get many hours of baking wonderful cookies:)

squawmama said...

Sounds like a great deal... Have to check it out... I have a lot of Christmas books and cook books but there is always room for more RIGHT? Can't wait for your recipe... It's funny I just posted a cookie recipe myself this morning... Tis the Season for goodies... Have a great day...


HektikLyfe said...

My sister-in-law gave my wife a really great cookie-cookbook. Last time we ate these smores inspired peanut butter cookies. Really good stuff. They were like mini-cakes. :P

Anonymous said...


Thank you for stopping by!!!! I can not thank you enough for your honesty! I have no problem with McCain Supporters. I respect "choice". I was just soooo thrown by the hatred! I was also attacked (racially) on my blog. I erased the comments.

There are a quite a few good women out there both Republican and Democrat. I just want the evil ones to stay away from my blog!

I will be watching for your cookies!


Meadowsweet Days said...

Hi there,
I just read your beautiful heart felt story. I would be happy to share my "secret sauce" recipe. I will look for your email address.

Meadowsweet Days said...

Hi Dawn,
Will you send me your email address?

Denise said...

I am going to take two whole days and just bake cookies! I have some wonderful recipes from several books and I am just going to bake them all..........

Thanks for coming by! I enjoyed your comment!

Nancy said...

Bake us some cookies, Dawn. I know you will enjoy this book! nancy

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Dawn ~ Can't wait to see what recipe you post...I love cookie books!!

Have a great weekend!