Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

My table is set. I'm about to put the turkey in. Soon, the house will be smelling wonderful! These plates are plates I've had for about 25 years. They were nothing special BUT to me they are simply because we were young, newly married, no money and I saved grocery stamps to get them. Took me forever and begging many friends and family members to PLEASE save your stamps so I can get another setting!
Here is my centerpiece for this year. A nice Turkey full of flowers. My pilgrims grace each side of the flowers. If you look close or click on the picture you will notice to the right--a quite mangled kinda ugly turkey. He gets the pleasure of being on the table every year simply because my 3rd son made him for me--when he was just in elementary school. He is now 26. Somewhere along the road of the turkeys life--he has lost an eye. I did think of replacing it--but then decided its best to let him age with time--that's what makes him so memorable.

I hope each of you has a great day today...remember all our blessings and each of us no matter what has something to be thankful for. Lets also remember those who for some reason--will not have a very good day today. I'm thinking of a family here who lost their 21 yr old son to a car accident on Monday or in a town a few hours away from me--a woman lost her 2 sons AND her husband in a plane accident. I cant imagine the grief,,,,and I cant imagine any of these people will be able to sit down today and feel grateful. Life is hard...and sometimes unlivable. Lets send up prayers for all those who are going thru things some of us cant even fathom.

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Lady of the Mote said...

Have a very blessed day,
prayers for all those who are having a hard time,this Thanksgiving day,
but for us who are well,and healthy we have lots to be thankful for,thank you for being so nice to a new blogger,I am finding a nice friend in you,enjoy your family and food,I make a post after I take some pics,
again have a BLESSED Day!!!

Ginger said...

Your plates are pretty, as is your table decor.
I am thankful to be in half way decent health...and that I found blogging. It will help me when I am housebound this winter. lol.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

squawmama said...

Your table was very festive... I hope your day was the greatest and you were surrounded with fun, good food, family & friends...


Dawnie said...

Well the day is coming to a close and I must say--I feel this was our best meal ever! The brining made that turkey pop with flavor and moisture. It literally would drip when you picked up a piece.

Everyone had a nice time. We found out we may be expecting 2 new grandbabies this year. That would make 5 grandchildren for us. We should know for sure soon! I'm so excited.

Tomorrow the rat race officially starts. We will be getting up at 4 to head on out and join the shoppers. I didnt want to go nor did baldyman but our twins do and so does our daughter-in-law so we are going to drive them clowns around!

Nancy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Dawnie! Everything looks lovely! Nancy

HektikLyfe said...

I think those plates are great!