Thursday, November 13, 2008

Book Award

I'm not much of a Book Reader, mostly magazines, so I had to walk a bit to find the nearest book to me. Its a Christmas Book that comes out only at this time of year. Its titled Images of Christmas. On Page 56 line 5--it says.....King John was not a good man. He wrote this message out, And gat to his room again. Descending by the spout, and all that night he lay there.

NOW,,,dosnt that just make you want to finish the dern story? Whose idea was this???? Your gonna end up with a bunch of frustrated readers!!! I want to know if King John ever got out of bed!!!!

Thanks Squawmama for thinking of me. i gotta think of a couple folks to pass this on to!

3 Thanks for your comments!:

Lilly's Life said...

He he - you are just like me I am a magazine rader too. I cant sit still long enough to read books which I know doesnt say much for me. My whole family are devout readers of books. Just not me.

By the way I really like your musical selection - had to stay a bit to listen. Michael Buble - I wanna go home - my theme song for a certain time in my life that was. Amazing how songs have memories attached to them isnt it?

squawmama said...

Oh Dawnie you are so funny... I loved your answer... Thanks for the good laugh...


HektikLyfe said...

>Dawnie: This one was cool and creative. I like it.

Sounds like a great book excerpt of the week type meme blog idea...

I might do this. :)