Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bird Feeder Deal!

I'm not much of one for After Christmas Sales, I dont like crowds and I'm usually broke or sick of spending money. However,,,yep theres always that however,, at our local Ace Hardware store they had some adorable Christmas things that were way to high priced for me. One was this little guy, a wood carved Santa feeder. He was about 45.00 which for me I just think is to high. Sooo, I went back to the store yesterday and found him at 75% off. That made him mine for $12.13 cents! I put some seed in him last night and placed him on the deck. He's adorable isnt he? I'm thinking of going back to Ace and buying the other two for gifts for next year. Ace has some unusal Decor for outside and inside, but its always such high priced things. I like the different stuff, just not the bigger price. If you have one near you, go check it out.

New Years is next up folks! I cant wait to post about what i want for this New Years--goals for myself and family. I cant wait to hear all of yours. I also plan on having a giveaway again. My theme--is New Years Change or Goals..something around that. Watch for it!

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Lady of the Mote said...

nice deal,he is cute!

squawmama said...

Ace is the lol I love that little bird feeder... I didn't see those there...I know they are high but if there is anything left after Christmas oh what a sweet deal.... The big toy soldiers in the Christmas photo on my site was about 100 dollars but Ace put them on sale just a couple of days before Christmas for 30... Wow these babies are about 10 ft high... Have a wonderful Day Dawnie... watch for my post tomorrow♥♥♥


QtPiE said...

hello! Thank you for coming to my blog and saying Hi! It is always so nice to have friends...anyways my mom just loves you...and by the way your bird feeder is just the cutest thing, I would go to Ace, we have one about 3 miles from here but I spent all my post Christmas money, LOL! I look forward to keeping up and talking with you, jennifer, donna's daughter

The Raggedy Girl said...

Because I am behind on blog visiting I am reading two days in one. Your Christmas looked like such fun and you will love your Dyson. I too am thinking about the new year and what I would like to spiff up.
Roberta Anne

Lilly said...

He is a great buy Dawnie. And he came at a hard to resist price. I was thinking the same about our slaes here - I should be doing my Christmas shopping now...for 2009.

I am also keen to get moving on my resolutions - I am so hopeful for the year to come. Looking forward to your post. You always inspire me.

Anonymous said...

The Santa Feeder is very cute and the price was cute, too.

I'm glad you liked the Pasta e Fagioli recipe and I look forward to reading your goals.