Monday, December 22, 2008

Yep, I know the feeling!

Little Snow

I'm not kidding this is about how some of us look right now. Its pretty scary when you have to dig out your car just to go to work! Now, its not bad to dig it out to go shopping or do something fun but for work??? Over the years baldyman and I have dug out our car more times than I care to remember. Now, he just does it while I stay inside and wonder whats taking him so long!!! He also has to shovel a path to fill the bird feeders...I can almost hear him swearing under his breath from outside while he's doing this-lol. We have more snow coming and it might not be to long before we literally have to start shoveling the snow off the roof of the house. Roofs can actually collapse from heavy snow. Yep,,,Winter is in full swing here in Wisconsin! Those of you who are sitting in temps above 30---be quiet!

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Bridget said...

So sorry to hear about the over abundance of white stuff. Your description of Baldyman shoveling and digging out gave me a chuckle!

Lady of the Mote said...

Yep I know too,my water froze,hubby went under the house to defrost the pipe,did I tell you I live on a canal?what fun,
now waiting for AAA to come and give us a jump,car is dead,more fun,
I shouldn't complain many people have it worse,
stay safe and warm.

squawmama said...

Ok Dawnie... I won't say a word.... BURRRRR but how about coming down here in your little snuggly trailer and spending the winter with us... High of 62' today... Love Ya’ Maybe my package will arrive today... YEAH!!! Have a warn & Snuggly day


Anonymous said...

yep, that's about what buster's truck looked like fri morning! he had hernia surgery thurs. so i had to do the "undigging" ..*sigh*

The Raggedy Girl said...

Since I am living in No-snowville. Darn! I am enjoying your snow. And I guess the part where your hubby is shoveling instead of mine who is recuperating from surgery is kind of nice too. Have a really Happy Christmas.
Roberta Anne

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawnie, the only thing worse than digging out to go to work is digging out to go to a Doctor's appointment. Yep, I ventured out in 7 degree weather to see a Doctor today. Shopping would have been more fun.

I won't complain because we do have a garage but my husband has to trudge through the snow to the bird feeders. He does it because they really need it in this weather.

Stay warm and have a wonderful Christmas!

Michele said...

Hi Dawnie~yup...I usually love snow, but I am seriously sick of it already. And we're supposed to get another 5 inches tonight and 5 more on Christmas...enough is enough!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Shelley said...

I'm trying to figure out who has more snow - you or me?! lol!

HektikLyfe said...

Anyone else see an image of a man with a fro and a big nose there?

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Dawn; I know just how you are feeling. Here we are getting some very cold temps. We are below 0 now with a wind chill a lot lower. We are going to get some more snow and more freezing rain. Poor hubby could not even get a shovel in the hard as a rock frozen snow to get out my can and the drive.... Now we are getting more.... oh well. I wanted a white Christmas... lol

Merry Christmas


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Good Grief, I am so sick of this weather and we have 3 months to go!! Lucky you have baldyma to dig you out. I don't do snow, either.

grammy said...

Great pic. we got above 30 today so I will be quiet ( o: