Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thinking Girl--Bailout Scams

Sorry to bring us such a dismal and dreary topic...but its heavy on my mind since reading the news yesterday. After the Wall Street Bailout--the news is now reporting that there was no accountability asked for. To me, that means the Banking Industry and other industries....who perhaps invested unwisely, mis-managed, over spent, indulged themselves and others.....were given even MORE of our money to do the same actions. Banks are refusing pompously to even discuss what they did with the money. Some are so self-righteous they even acknowledge they are spending it wrong. They admit there was no accountability. In other words--a free for all..once again.

Its making me sick to even read it, literally sick. Can there be that many "stupid" people in our government to let billions of dollars go, unaccounted for? Is it that easy to ask for help--when the intent all along was to self-serve once again? Well then, I want to know--when the little home owner in America loses his house---and walks out the door for the last time--where does he get his bail-out? When someone loses their job---and walks out the door for the last time--who is standing there to hand him a bail-out check? When a couple who has invested in Wall Street for many many years--and lost it all---who gave them a bail out check at the end?

NO one-thats right. For the average American who has worked--saved, been stolen from--lied to, frauded---there was NO bail out. Many Americans are left homeless, broke, depressed, be wildered due to the inept business practices of Wall Street, Mortgage Corporations--banks..etc. But thats ok--dont worry--NO ONE will be coming to your rescue except your loved ones--that is if they have anything left to help with. This latest crap from the Automotive Industry claiming if they didnt get their bailout--it would affect the little guy....ohhhhh the concern they had. Many will lose their jobs if we have to close our doors...do you really think there was EVER a time they worried about the little guy? NO they did not--never did, never will. They got their bailout money--many will still lose their jobs, they will still close some of their doors. BUT not before the big wigs take their trips--get their bonuses--buy their mistresses a trip to God knows where.

I'm disgusted by the bailouts--I'm even more disgusted that there is "stupid" people all along the line of government that not a single one of them idiots-demanded accountability of that money. I'm disgusted that these bankers can bascially say--Stick it up your butt--we got the money now forget about what we are gonna do with it. If the average american makes a mistake on their tax return--we are hounded, prosecuted, charged fines...harassed,,,,over a teeny amount of money. YET,,,these companies can mismange billions--and nothing is said or done.

What I want to know--is how do we stop this? I know I'm tired of it--I know many of us are--but how do we stop it? How do we force our government to put the people first--to realize we need the help---that accountability comes from all. If your going to give free money away--then by gosh give it to working families who deserve it and would spend it wise. I want to find a way to let our feelings known and be heard. Not just walked over. I dont even know if Obama--realizes. He's talking of a huge Stimulus package--but again I hear of nothing for the little guy.....its all job stimulus--or bailouts for companies...things to so call stimulate the economy and create jobs. Well my thought on that is---What kind of jobs? Take a bunch of Government Workers---create a bullcrap title of Job Creater--pay him a ridiculous salary to sit around and do bascially nothing all day--and at the end of 4 years admit once again--money was mismanaged---jobs were created but only for those who did the mismanagement--but hey we learned from it and now lets do it right.

I"M tired folks--so sick of all the government greed, and lies. On Sunday it was below zero here--with windchills it was in the 20's below. The wind was extreme. We saw about 3 African American Men, working. Well the company will call it working--I call it abuse. There job was to stand outside in this very dangerous weather and hold signs for hours--announcing their store closing. I was appalled by this sight--I wanted to tell these young men go home--its dangerous out here. They were probably doing this for 8 dollars an hour. They needed the money to feed themselves--their family--pay their rent. So they did it. All African American men--I was so disgusted by it--I emailed the company headquarters. I told them if I see it again in this extreme weather--I will take pictures and send it to our news stations and demand accountability. I also suggested they ask the big shots of the company to do this type of job--instead of sitting probably right now on some beach sipping Pina coladas.

The lying, scheming, manipulating has to stop--but again--how do WE stop this?

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Lilly's Life said...

Keep doing what you are doing Dawnie. Write about it, talk about, because you make a hell of a lot of sense. I love reading your Tuesday posts.

It makes me sick to see just how many evil people there are out there ready to manipulate and hoodwink other people. Its greed pure and simple. Sometimes I wonder where it will all end really. Accountability - they do not know the meaning of the word.

Great post and have a great Christmas with your beautiful family. Take Care.

squawmama said...

Dawnie you & I couldn't agree more... i hate the what is going on and I know in my heart the big wigs are scamming all the money being put in... That should be a stipulation that the CEO's can not touch the money and that they should take a HUGE cut in wages until the company is back n it's feet... but no... they take from the small guys... Oh just don't get me started... My heart is pounding hard now...LOL LOL

Have a great day.... Love ya


HektikLyfe said...

Don't you think that your good intentions would rob those men and their families of dinner?

I have no problem when people are willing to work hard for their meals. I have a problem when they stand on the street begging for handouts.

Hard work is hard work and the money they get is well earned.

As for the bailouts, they all scratch each others backs. All those rich old men get to keep their families safe and warm.

This is the way the U.S. has always worked. Not that any other country in the world does a better job.

Unfortunately, it is human nature to look out for your own.

Femin Susan said...

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Wishing you "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

Raggedy Girl said...

You put into words what everyone is thinking. With the amount of money the government has given away they could have paid off all our mortgages and that would have stimulated the economy. I am no longer sure my hubby will get to retire as we have lost half our money. Money we spent a lifetime saving by being careful. Makes me mad too. I pray each and every day for the new president that he really makes a difference and it isn't more of the same old stuff.
Roberta Anne

Judy said...

Good for you Dawn. I'm sick of it too. I'm 68 years old and have lost so much money I will never be able to retire. I'm working part time and I have my Social Security but I'm barely scrimping bye. I will have to work until I get to old to get out of bed. Pretty *&&%% discouraging. Sorry but I sure can't feel sorry for those big companies and all the big shots scrimping along on their big bonuses.

Happy holiday Dawn.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Hope you have a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

Shellmo said...

Dawnie - I'm with you on this one. We (the american people)have been robbed by these bozos on wallstreet. I am upset w/ the gov't not putting stipulations on this money - and no reporting and accountability. The money would've been better off given to every american family.

Just Between Us Girls said...

Just wanted to stop in for a moment to wish you A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.