Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thinking Girl --Annie

No thinking girl picture today. BUT..its a thinking girl topic. These are my twins, they are 23. The one on the left is "Annie" her real name is Elisa. The other one is "Tia"....real name Tara. Annie graduated on Saturday--she's a registered nurse. The other graduates in May--she will be an elementary teacher.

Annie moved about 3 hours away 2 years ago to complete her nursing schooling. About 6 months ago she decided she wanted to move out of the place she was living with a roomate and get her own place. She had a decent job--while attending college. She wasnt feeling real safe with the girl she was living with,,mostly because her roomy liked to party and sometimes bring guests home. Annie dosnt do that. She found a really nice place--brand new. She applied and this is when it all started. I should have told her NO back then--but hind sight is 20/20. They told her she needed a Co-signer to rent the apartment because her credit score was only in the 400's. She was confused because her credit score is actually in the 700's. She called us and we told her to tell them to recheck. They continued saying she needed a Co-Signer. I told her to move on and find a different place. She insisted she felt safe in this place and wanted to move in. Sooo..I cosigned for her. NOW the funny part is my credit IS bad...most of you know my story. My credit is only in the high 500's. They passed me but NOT her. Ok...she moves in..is happy. She signed a year lease. Her brother got married in October. She asked her work what she needed to do to take the couple days off to attend his wedding. They told her what to do--she did it all. She came home,,we did the wedding thingy. She goes back to work on Monday--they tell her she's fired due to not informing them of needing the couple days off. She is like--What? I did all you told me to--so what--they fired her. She calls us crying--we just tell her--keep going to school--somehow as a family we will all support her. Okkkk..so thats what we been doing. She gets closer to graduation and begins applying for jobs as an RN. She gets an interview closer to home--goes thru all that--is hired! Okkk..next up is how does she get out of the lease? I suggest to her to ask the company if they maybe have apartments in our area and she transfers. They do--and so they talk to my husband and he is told she can transfer here--she can get a 2 bedroom for less than she was paying up there for a 1 bedroom. All she needs to do is pay the security deposit--and move in. So we figure all is well in her world.

2 days before Graduation she calls us crying--she is told she dosnt have the RN job. They called where she was fired and they told them they fired her. She put them down as a reference thinking because her work was good it would be ok. It didnt occur to her she was fired and even though she is a good worker and did what they told her to do--that it would haunt her. Sooo...she has no job. We continue to tell her--okkk--let it go--keep applying. So she does. She graduates. We move her stuff out of her place and load up. We go to dinner to celebrate her graduating. She calls us at dinner--(she brought the keys back) and she tells us she did a walk thru and the manager proceeds to tell her all the damage she did---scratches on the wall,,,stove not cleaned--a stain on the floor..etc..and that he will be nice and pay half and she pays half--the fee is 15 dollars an hour. She signs the paper and leaves. She gets to dinner and we are like--NOOO way. We moved her in and out and we cleaned that place and there was 0 damage. Soo I told my husband--we have got to get back in that apartment and get pictures and not allow this. We go back to the apartment and my husband asks if he can get back in. The manager says NO..once we do a walk thru its done. My husband says--well then can we at least talk. The manager comes out and says--So whats your complaint? My husband says--what makes you think I'm hear to complain? he says--well it cant be good if your back here. My husband says--well we moved her in and out and there is no damage. The manager proceeds to state how bad the paint was--etc. Then he says--Oh forget it--lets go in I'll show you. So they go in..hubby pulls out the camera and begins taking pictures. The manager says--Ohhh yeah take pictures of all the good stuff, forget the stove--forget the stain. My husband says--Oh show me what your concerns are and I'll take pictures of that to. So he did. I'm tellin you the place is like new. my husband says--there is no way she owes them any money and we will do what we need to do to ensure she gets all her money back.

NOW....that is Saturday night after graduation. We drive 3 hours back home. Sunday we get up--and proceed to move her to her new place about 15 minutes from us. We get there and that manager comes out and tells her what she needs to pay and its 300 dollars MORE than what my husband was told. My husband says What???? We were told she only needs this amount. The manager says--well milwaukee called and said she needs to pay for the remaining time of December. My husband says I was not told that and why would I have moved her when she paid all of Decembers rent? Well that manager called milwaukee and Milwaukke refused to budge..so my husband said--We are done with this company--we are leaving. That manager was very nice and said he felt real bad for her because he felt she shouldnt be paying for that 2 weeks since she already paid for December plus he wanted to rent to her--because she is single professional and he likes those kinds of tenants.

Soo, hubby moved her in with us for now. We dont know at this point if she is still liable for the remaining 6 months on the lease. We do have pictures to fight the security deposit. I'm just disgusted that a hard working, honest, girl--got so screwed over by both this management company and her previous job. She found out at graduation on Saturday that the lady who fired her from the job--was escorted out of work place 2 weeks ago and she was fired. So her Karma already came around. She does have an interview tomorrow with a hospital here in town--and she will tell them upfront about what happened with the job. Job Wise I feel she will be fine.

I dont feel she should have to be liable for the 6 months lease because she did a walk thru and they signed off and she didnt resign a new lease on the other place. Plus they were so unethical in their practices. However,,,I do think she will be liable for the 6 months. It truly truly bothers me at how these companies can do such underhanded practices and NOT have consequences and yet someone does all the right stuff and attempts to do things correctly and they get punished.

I have someone at work that is very knowledgeable in housing and renting laws--so he is helping us. Im willing to help her thru this as much as I can. I'm just very sad for her--she got burned so much in the last 2 months since her brothers wedding. She's a good hard worker--a really good kid. I just hate the unfairness and injustice in our world.

That is my Tuesday thinking post and that is what is going on with our little family right now.

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Shellmo said...

I feel so bad for your daughter! Terrible! By the way, I believe when a job calls to confirm a reference - the past job is ONLY ALLOWED to verify that the person worked there, their position and the dates. I believe they were not allowed to say she was fired! I would call up her old job and threaten legal action! Especially after firing her for something so lame! I hope that everything gets rectified!

Dawnie said...

Ohhh Shellmo! I did all that..and found out thru an Employer Specialized Attorney that basically an employer can say ANYTHING! Only thing one can do is sue for slander. All these years I thought the same thing--and nope its not true.

Now she's going to talk to any prospective employers upfront. She has excellent references thru her teachers and instructors and where she did her clinicals and such. I think the job part will be fine--I'm more worried about this apartment stuff going on.

squawmama said...

Dawnie this is all so terrible... I was sure what shellmo said was true too... I think it is in Florida... I would check it out again... Hope all gets taken care of right for her... It is sad how something like that can cause a rippling effect... Sorry for her but she will succeed and all will be good...


momstheword said...

Personally, I think that there are people who will take advantage of these kids because of their age. They figure they can get away with it. They don't realize that mom and dad are still there watching over these kids (I have a 15 yr old and a 20 yr old). The kids may be 23 (in your daughter's case) but still have parents to help them out.

I was fired from a job because the woman was jealous of me or something. Don't know why she didn't like me. She falsified records to say that I quit. When I called later to complain about my treatment, they were shocked to learn I'd been fired. They showed me the paperwork that I supposedly turned in that said I was quitting. They had been so surprised when I just didn't show up.

She got into huge trouble and eventually lost her job.

momstheword said...

I forgot to mention the scheduled post. I'm sorry it didn't work. If you changed the date and changed the time then it should have posted at that date and time, and you did everything right. Sometimes I forgot to change the PM to AM and it would have posted in the afternoon on the next day.

Is it still scheduled? Do you know how to edit a post? If you don't let me know and I'll tell you how.

HektikLyfe said...

What a freakin' nightmare!

Contracts can be tricky. KEEP COPIES! The disadvantages of owning a home pale in comparison to these issues she went through. Wow.

They can only get better. Good luck!

Lilly's Life said...

Yes and do you know something its the good hard working ones that will get screwed over. The good thing is that she now knows what creeps there are out there and she wont be so rusting again Dawnie. And you know somethign else she is so LUCKY she has parents like Baldyman and you. Truly. She will have no problems getting a job. The world is crying out for nurses. Fingers crossed it all works out. Beautiful girls by the way and they both are doing jobs that are terribly needed. Congratulations to them both.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Dawnie...we went thru something similar with my youngest when he graduated from college. There was a lot of underhanded stuff going on. I am such a wimp but thank goodness my DH is not. He eventually got it settled.

Raggedy Girl said...

I am so sorry that at a time your daughter should be enjoying the fruits of all her hard work that she is being treated like this. Fight everything they want to do. You have nothing to lose by fighting them and everything to gain. Good idea to tell the employer up front exactly what happened. I will pray for Annie that this all resolves in her favor.
Roberta Anne

Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted just reading what happened. I hope all works out with the contract. Life is such an exacting teacher and this experience will make her stronger in the long run but man, it sure isn't fair.

Femin Susan said...

Congratulations....Your posting is very interesting...It is sad how something like that can cause a rippling effect...Keep writing.. Welcome to my blog...
Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

Lisa said...

Oh my, I found your blog thru Judy and simply had to say no way! Tell your daughter to keep her chin up, what goes around does indeed come around for sure. She WILL find a job and it will be better than the one she had for sure. Just tell them going in what happened and they will understand for sure. Nursing is a great field and congrats on all her hard work. Good luck with the apartment deal, I too have had bad experiences in the past, fight it though as it is just wrong.
One more thing, tell her to get some reference letters from her instructors to present if she hasn't done so already.