Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday, Monday!

Due to my insanely hectic and very frustrating weekend--I have no picture so here is a picture from our little Halloween party that I have each year for our 3 grandaughters. We were making ornaments at this time and the girls were painting.

I tell you, the Transyberian Orchestra was unreal. It was awesome. I've never seen anything like it and their light shows are beyond fascinating. They played straight for nearly 3 hours. Great ending to a very busy and frustrating weekend. Only complaint we have is the place where the concert was held--was so uncomfortable in seating--we will NEVER go back there. Hubby and I are not tiny by any means--but unless your a size 0...your going to be scrunched up like a little ball--cant move your legs--arms--etc. It was horrid. Time for them to find a new place to show off their amazing skills!

I tell you, I cant wait to write tomorrow. What happenned this weekend to our daughter is beyond disgusting to me. At a time when we see all kinds of good in our world and people--and we embrace the Christmas Spirit---this weekend left me with the wonderment of "Where are the good in our World"...where is the good in mankind? I was so overwhelmed at the final weekend events I just broke down and sobbed. I'm so at my wits end with people trying to take advantage of those who are young or those who are weak,,,,elderly--etc. Anyone who is a praying person--send up alittle prayer for our daughter--that a huge wrong--will be made right.

I will post all the details tomorrow.

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squawmama said...

Good Morning Dawnie... I am so glad you enjoyed your concert... I know what you mean about bad seating... and I think most people are uncomfortable in those kinds of seats... Now what's up with your daughter??? You have me sitting on the edge of my seat... waiting for the details... I hope all is OK... Have a good day


Lady of the Mote said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the concert,sorry about the bad seating,prayers for your daughter for whatever the situation maybe

Shellmo said...

I know what you mean about uncomfortable seating - especially when you're there for a 3 hr event. Glad the transiberian was worth it! Hope your daughter is doing okay and dying to hear what happened! (I am a "justice seeker" person - so hoping this situation was rectified!!)

Judy said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the concert. It sounded wonderful. I hate going somewhere and be uncomfortable. I hope everything is ok with your daughter.

HektikLyfe said...

I firmly believe in the idea behind Karma. That person who did that will pay it back. Perhaps not to your daughter but indirectly, to the world. That person will pay it back in the miserable life he will lead.

Glad to know though that I'm not the only one dealing well with living a hectic life.

Lilly's Life said...

I think you have the kindest heart and it comes through your writing. Unfortunately I know how horrible people can be and if I had the guts to recount my story about my ex then you would know what I mean (one day maybe). It has made me very sensitive to injustice in the world and how low people will stoop to take advantage of others. We have to believe in karma because otherwise it would be too much. The mantra I say is its only the people IN pain that cause pain. A good person with good morals and a good sense of themselves would never want to harm or expolit anyone else.

Now after all that, I just had to say young grandmother that you are, you have beautiful little grand daughters. Very cute and they must bring you so much joy!

Raggedy Girl said...

Glad you enjoyed the show and don't I know about chairs, what is up with that. Hardly anyone anywhere is tiny anymore. It hurts to be treated like a sardine. I am praying for your family.
Roberta Anne

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry your daughter faced something traumatic. I'm glad you enjoyed the concert even though you were squished...hate that.

Shellmo said...

You are a runnerup! please stop by my blog! Shelley :-)